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Wild's Creek Candle Co. is located in a small town deep in the heart of East Texas. The business started after we decided that we wanted to make candles that you could smell from the first time you burned them till the candle wax was all gone.
After many hours of making and burning we were able to come up with a blend of high quality wax and just the right amount of fragrance to do just what we wanted.
It wasn't long before our friends and family just could not get enough of our candles. We started taking them to Craft Shows and they were a big hit. We then went to the world famous Canton Trades Day, in Canton Texas, and set up shop. Now we are there every month and really doing well.
Wild's Creek Candle Co. is still a growing business and it takes alot of work to keep up, but we love the people we come into contact with that really love our products. We still work our full time jobs, and make candles every chance we get.
Come visit our booth and smell all the wonderful scents we have displayed. The booth number is 4536 & 4537 and we are located in building 4500 on the Lewis side of the complex.

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